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System Mania

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Help Fiona realise her dream of running her very own fix-it shop. Responding to calls from local businesses she must maintain their madcap machines, including the 'Penguin Distractor', a 'Far Removed Spinner' and the highly improbable 'Theoretical Hoover'. Keep over 80 crazy machines running smoothly by quickly turning their warning lights off.

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Each machine is made up of various fun and wacky controls such as cranks, pull cords, guitar strings, egg timers, gearsticks and even a TV game system complete with its own joystick. Be quick or the whole thing will go up in smoke!

System Mania Trailer
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  • Quickly fix 90 crazy machines before they go boom.
  • Five locations including a zoo, a fun fair and space.
  • Collect spinning coins to select useful upgrades.
  • Loads of fun controls and mechanisms to master.

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Jay Is Games

"System Mania is different, it doesn't fall in the same traps every other "mania" title succumbs to, and instead I found a pleasantly unique arcade game with playful visuals and creativity spilling out of every seam. The machines themselves are always inventive, and I love scratching my head and trying to figure out how this collection of levers and switches can be a Dough Twister."


"System Mania is a wonderfully frantic arcade game that puts your multitasking skills to the test ... System Mania offers a completely different experience than what's currently available in the casual gaming space ... Kudos to Clockwork Pixels for a job well done!"

Casual Review

"There's a lot of love put into this game and we haven't seen something this fresh in a long time. Its innovative use of mouse gestures will make you rethink what a click-management game is supposed to be like. With cute art and wacky levels we've got ourselves a winner!"

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