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Scavenger Reviews & Feedback

Here's a round up of Scavenger's reviews and player feedback.

AVault's Top Casual Games Of The Year

"There are five different gameplay modes, determining among other things whether you have limited or unlimited fuel or face the presence or absence of gravity, as well as lots of critical power-ups and in-game tips. The graphics are old-school and the sound effects are riveting. You never know what sinister challenge is lurking behind the next corner in this exciting game."

Game Tunnel Action Game Of The Year Awards

"It has all the feeling (and difficulty!) of a great space shooter mixed with the creep and explore-adventure of some of the best FPS games, taking the player from carefully moving down the hall to a frantic firefight in a matter of seconds. With multiple difficulty levels that give the player completely different game play experiences, Scavenger is brilliant fun that shouldn't be missed."

PC Zone

"Where Scavenger manages to trump many of its competitors is in the sheer quality of its frenetic, skill-based flying action ... Scavenger is slick, fast, challenging and fun, rammed with power-ups and neat touches ... what more could you want from a top-down blast-fest?"

Player Feedback

"When I was playing the C64 as a child I always envisioned the future games on an improved C64 as something like Scavenger. I love the style you put in your games. You inspired me greatly!"

Game Tunnel

"Scavenger is one of those games that you can tell as soon as you start the first level is going to be great. It's the kind of game that really shows what indie gaming can produce."

Player Feedback

"I've had a chance to play the game a bit more on the limited fuel mode, and I love it! I like that you've included destructible secret areas (very few 'modern' games do this), the keys doubling as multiples are brilliant, and the alien infestation design is nicely creepy!"

Game Tunnel Game Of The Year Awards

"I probably should have left the generator intact. With all the turrets in this sector, knocking out the power seemed like a good idea. The dark tunnel in front of me reeks of danger. My ship's lights reach into the darkness, feeling through the black for signs of life. Slipping into a new room, the air grows stale."

Manifesto Games

"Where Scavenger excels, however, is in its difficulty system, and its level of polish. The controls are very smooth, everything is controlled with the mouse (move it to change facing, left-click to accelerate and right-click to fire), and the levels introduce new features and problems gradually. As for difficulty, Scavenger's system is very clever: rather than simply making enemies more numerous or powerful, each difficulty level ads some new feature to complicate your life. For example, at the second level, there's gravity, constantly dragging you down to the bottom of the screen, so you must be firing your jets periodically to prevent contact with lower walls (any wall contact damages your shields); at the next, you have a limited amount of fuel for each level, and have to husband it carefully. This considerably increases the game's replay value--playing it on a higher difficulty level presents new challenges, not just more stuff."

Player Feedback

"I downloaded this game because the graphics looked fun... and they were. Very nice to look at, atmospheric. Compliments to the artists. I'll probably buy this one, it's loads of fun!"

Out Of Eight

"Gamers who enjoy top-down shooters will find a quality title in Scavenger ... a distinctive title that fans of arcade games shouldn't miss."

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