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Scavenger Game Modes


Scavenger Game Modes

You can select a number of game modes when playing Scavenger.
Here's a list of these game modes, and details on how they differ.


This is the easiest setting with no gravity and no fuel limit. In addition, your shields will last a little longer. If you're used to action games you can skip this mode and go straight to the 'Gravity' or 'Limited Fuel' modes.


This mode switches on the gravity, which is actually a large part of the game. You will need extra skill to counteract the effect of the Star Hulk's gravitational field and its localized field generators.

Limited Fuel

This is Scavenger's intended game mode. It turns on the usage of your ship's fuel tanks; when your fuel starts to run out you'll quickly need to find additional landing pads that are linked up to fuel tanks. Landing takes a little skill as you need to gently land your ship on its tail pipe.


A bonus mode which has you playing the entire game with just your ship's headlights. You'll soon be hurtling down dark corridors at breakneck speeds!

Three Lives

A retro game mode in which you start with just three lives. When these are gone it's game over, so the challenge is to see how far you can get. Technically it should be possible to complete the game, although I've never managed it

Motion Sickness

This is a bonus version of the game in which the entire Star Hulk is spinning out of control. Entire levels rotate round as you play within them, adding extra difficulty, especially considering the gravity fields.

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