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Puppy Sanctuary

Puppy Sanctuary Reviews & Feedback

Here's a round up of Puppy Sanctuary's reviews and player feedback.

Touch Arcade

"Kitten Sanctuary was like a breath of fresh air when it launched and Puppy Sanctuary appears to continue that tradition. Definitely check it out for free, and the whole game can be unlocked for the launch sale price of 99Ę from within the app itself. There are no other in-app purchases beyond that!"

The Smartphone App Review : 90%

"Puppy Sanctuary is an excellent game, and one that keeps the quality standard of iOS apps from Clockwork Pixels. What stands out for me are the sheer quality of the mini games. The Puzzle Bobble style bubble shooter could easily be repacked as a standalone app!"

Player Feedback

"I would love this Match 3 game just for the diagonal play alone but also thrown in are the puppies with the interactive puppy toys. I love to watch them pounce on the little running mailman and play with the other toys. Oh, and I'm no child. Hint, if you pick up a puppy they'll kick out a tile for you and then parachute down. Also, there's a stray kitten in one of the sanctuaries. The match 3 gets just hard enough starting at level 21 to keep you on your toes a bit. Very fun game!"

148Apps : 80%

"Although I consider myself a cat person, Puppy Sanctuary definitely outdoes itself. The improved graphics, new toys and decorations, and the fun engaging levels make this a must-have in my book. Since itís free to try, it doesnít hurt to give it a chance!"

Player Feedback

"Well, I originally tried this one out to see if my niece might like it, but then I got hooked on those absolutely adorable little puppies playing in the sanctuary! The boards change up quite a bit in shape, difficulty, etc... then there are the "presents" levels where you can earn special items for your puppies... and then there's the shop where you can buy decorative items for the sanctuary and toys to entertain your pups - blowing bubbles is very fun!"

PuzzleNation App Review : 90%

"I loved this game. If you enjoy cute and adorable puppies, then Puppy Sanctuary is the game for you. The puppies are absolutely adorable, and there are a good variety of game types. There is just so much more to see and do with this game. I just cannot recommend this game more."

Gamer Chica : 80%

"Puppy Sanctuary is a great game. One I really enjoyed is that the only in app purchase that you will have to make is to get the full game. If you are an animal lover, then you should should consider taking a look at this and Kitten Sanctuary!"

Player Feedback

"OK, who doesn't love super cute puppies right? Being able to rescue them and buy them toys, food and improve their surroundings to make it beautiful. Play little mini games such as some HO and marble shooting adds to the fun. It's also super easy to play. You can play with the puppies in between sets to keep their heart meters charged. Good to play if you want something a little more relaxing since you can play in different modes also."

Player Feedback

"If you've had a stressful day at work or the clothes washer broke down at home or the kids are fighting (again) or the husband/significant other unfairly criticizes you, then this game is perfect to sit with a cuppa in the evening and play (timed or untimed) a relaxing match-3 to save some very cute puppies."


"OK, I'll admit it. Upon firing up Puppy Sanctuary, I grimaced in anticipation of a game I expected would be shallow, short and unbearably saturated with saccharine cuteness. What I didn't see coming was a well-crafted game defined not by schmaltzy sweetness but by a winning combination made up of an entertaining pet sim and challenging match-3 gameplay."

Player Feedback

"I love this game. Yes, it appears to be kind of childish, and in some ways it is, but there's a part of me that still likes this kind of thing. I love rescuing all the puppies and reading about each one and then playing with them in the sanctuaries. That said, I also truly enjoy the match-3 game-play and the Bust a Move levels. The hidden object mini games are really easy, but sometimes you don't want a huge challenge in your games."

App Advice

"If you love the game as much as I do, you should just upgrade to the full version as soon as you download it. Currently, players can unlock the full version with all levels, all puppies, all items and all sanctuaries for only $0.99 and it is totally worth it. Puppy Sanctuary is like the Reeseís Peanut Butter Cup of the iOS game world."

Arcade Life

"Puppy Sanctuary is a lot of fun, which didnít surprise me. This is another great game from Clockwork Pixels, creators of Kitten Sanctuary and Darkside. Get the demo version for free and unlock the full version at any time via a single one-time in app purchase!"

Player Feedback

"Cute without being sickly sweet match 3 game with usual challenges and hidden object minilevels. Kept me moving without getting frustrated. There's an advanced mode for more difficulty. A great game for adults and kids!"

Leviathyn : 85%

"With great music, fluid animations, and satisfying puzzle solving, the gameís presentation is fantastic. The aesthetics are a cute and endearing treat to jump headfirst into, helping to create a lighthearted and fun world with a surprising amount of depth!"

Player Feedback

"I just have fun tossing the puppies up and letting them parachute down while I'm playing... I find that some of them actually seem to want you to play with them while you're working a board! I opened up my last sanctuary (the city) and now have 32 puppies... getting a little sad because I know that will be the end, but maybe I will have to check out Kitten Sanctuary too!"

Player Feedback

"Right away I jammed the button for the full version, and now I'm getting treats, food bowls, and other stuff. I haven't even scratched the surface of this deep game yet!"

"Definitely, surprisingly, since I never played the kitty game, one of the best, most addictive games I've played in recent memory!"

"Just finished off what's available for free, every second was thoroughly enjoyable, and well ... that silly Bernard, knew he'd like the bubbles!"

"As with Kitten Sanctuary this was an instant purchase. Even though it's too cute and fluffy for my taste, I still have to rescue all those kittens and puppies!"

"I downloaded the game last night and immediately bought the full game. This game has me hooked, lined and sinkered and all in a good way!"

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