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Here's the place for Puppy Sanctuary updates, announcements, questions and feedback.
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Puppy Sanctuary iOS

Puppy Sanctuary has been released on the App Store

It's a universal app so you can play it on all your iOS devices for a single price, just $0.99 at launch. It's also free to try out, as are all the Clockwork Pixels games.

If you enjoy the game please use the single 'Full Version' IAP to unlock all the puppies, levels, items & locations, and don't forget to rate it or write a small review as it really helps with app store discovery.
Puppy Sanctuary

Puppy Sanctuary Released

Puppy Sanctuary has been just been uploaded. It's a couple of weeks late as the sanctuary section took longer than expected. Although similar in design to that found in Kitten Sanctuary, it has actually been written from scratch to allow for more interaction between puppies. I hope you enjoy the game
Puppy Sanctuary        
Thanks for everyone who left feedback. As always it was most welcome and a lot of your suggestions have made it into the final version of the game. Here's what's been added since the beta version as well as several smaller improvements and tweaks:
  • 10 new puppies to rescue.
  • You can now rename your puppies.
  • A new ruined city sanctuary location.
  • Seven new purchasable items.
  • Brand new alien-battling game mode.
  • 30 new levels (80 in total).
  • Trophies screen.
  • Additional music track.
  • Brightness option.

Beta Feedback

The beta is great fun thus far. I love how it's split up into several different minigames, a nice improvement from Kitten Sanctuary.

The switchable icons during the regular rescue-the-puppy battles are awfully bright and saturated, though, almost neon! I think I preferred the more muted Kitten Sanctuary icons.

Still, it's a great game and I'm having a lot of fun. Thanks again! :3
Hi, thanks for posting, it's early days for the forum/blog so every comment really brightens up my day

Glad you like the beta so far. I'm currently adding lots more content (10 pups, 10 rescue levels, 2 HO levels, 3 bonus levels). I'm also going to add another 15 levels using a new mini game, and there's a bunch of sanctuary items/events to do.

So yeah, it may be another couple of weeks, but the release version is on it's way!

You're not the first person to comment on the over-brightness of some of the elements. I think the problem is that I tend to have my brightness turned down, as I stare at a screen all day. I'll do some 'bright mode' testing and tone things down a bit, and may add an option to remove screen flashes and the like.
Wow, I'm really pleased to get such a nice developer response. My husband has been playing Puppy Sanctuary, too, and he LOVES it. He just came off Jewel Quest V (Sleepless Star) and likes Puppy Sanctuary much, much better (the variety of gameplay, the sweet sense of humor in the puppy descriptions, etc).

Clockwork Pixels makes some of the absolute best casual games on the market -- polished, well-made, and always charming. Keep up the good work! I'm very excited for the full release.
Hi, thanks for your reply ... and for purchasing the game! I always enjoy the positive comments, they certainly help with motivation. Although, people will really start to think I'm writing all this myself!
I guess I could come up with some negative comments if you really really want me to, but it would be hard work!

And for anyone out there wondering about me, I am in fact a real person completely unaffiliated with Clockwork Pixels, I promise!

Puppy Sanctuary Beta

Puppy Sanctuary
Puppy Sanctuary is in beta at the moment, there are a few things that I want to add in before the release build, but it should still be pretty solid, no spelling mistakes, broken levels and the like

Puppy Sanctuary Backdrops

Here are some newly finished Puppy Sanctuary backgrounds. You can click them for the larger versions. Hopefully these are final, although I haven't tried them in the game yet, so who knows
Puppy Sanctuary Puppy Sanctuary
Puppy Sanctuary Puppy Sanctuary

Puppy Sanctuary Dates

I saw the news for the new game that's being developed, Puppy Sanctuary. If it's anything like Kitten Sanctuary I'm going to love it just as much. Any news on an approximate release date? I can't wait to play it!
Thank you. I'm going to try and get a beta version ready for the end of February. I haven't done beta versions of the previous games so that'll be a first. It'll probably be available only to account holders, appearing on the accounts page for download, something like that. I'll will send a newsletter out when it appears
I'll definitely give it a try when it comes out!

Puppy Sanctuary Art

Shortly after posting the first Puppy Sanctuary screen, I released I didn't actually like the background art all that much. So, for the last few months I've been trying out different techniques.

I wanted something that looks nice and friendly but not too cartoony, and something that was relatively quick to produce. There's been four full revisions of the game art since and I think I've finally come up with a style I actually like for the game
Puppy Sanctuary Art
#1 A painted style. I was hoping to spend more time away from the computer by painting the game art on paper using pencil & water colors, but it looked way to cluttered when used in the game.

#2 This version uses pencil drawings colored in Photoshop. I like that the image looks less fussy and it worked better in game, but the pencil lines just aren't clean enough to do a full game.

#3 This is getting back to how I did things in previous games like Memorabilia. I quite like the style but it just takes too long to produce using lots of dots and lines, and it felt too plain.

#4 The current style. It still uses dots and lines, but not nearly as many as Memorabilia and so it's way more fun to produce. Also, I'm using shading for the first time to give depth and lighting to the image

Early Puppy Sanctuary Screen

Here's a prototype screen shot of Puppy Sanctuary. It has a similar style to Kitten Sanctuary, but all the graphics are being drawn from scratch.

I'm using far more detail in this game. If you click on the screen, you'll notice some temporary elements being used from Kitten Sanctuary, like the 'Kitten Power' statue.

Also, that poor caged puppy is in fact a kitten. I haven't started on the actual puppies yet

Trying Out A New Art Style

Here's a first glimpse of the new art style I'm using in Puppy Sanctuary. Next to it is the original palm tree I created for Kitten Sanctuary. Both trees took a similar amount of time to produce, but the detail in the new style has to be a good thing
Puppy Sanctuary Palm Trees

Puppy Sanctuary Feedback & Questions

What do you think of Puppy Sanctuary?

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