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Major Scavenger Update

I've just released a greatly improved Scavenger build. Try out the free trial version from the main Scavenger page.

Scavenger now features four new alien types, a new power up system, an in-game level scanner, dynamic scroll-zooming and loads of tweaked game parameters such as fuel, gravity, ship size, headlight intensity and staggered multiple firing.

The game's ramp has also been fine tuned, meaning the levels are more evenly spread out so you'll get to the exciting alien bits sooner

Scavenger Released

I've just uploaded Scavenger. This is my second out and out shooter and I'm really proud of this one. Scavneger will have you spinning round aiming your ship's turrets at an onslaught of alien creatures.
It takes a little practice to come to terms with the later game modes but it's well worth it. A beginners game mode is included which anyone will be able to play, as I've switched the gravity off

Mirror Mixup Released

Mirror Mixup
My 5th game is now availabe. Mirror Mixup is a return to one of my favourite genres, the puzzle game.

This time it's a picture puzzle game, which may not sound quite as original as some of the earlier puzzle games, but don't worry it does feature a unique 'twist'.

Rather than simply moving pieces around a board, you rotate whole areas of the board round. It's hard to explain, but this leads to some fairly tricky levels.

I hope you enjoy the challenge

Newsletter & New Game

I've got an updated newsletter system in place which allows me to include pictures for the very first time, making the newsletter even more fun to read. What an amazing time we live in, words and pictures, at the same time

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The Outbreak of Arklight

Arklight is at its heart a breakout game. It just happens that it's also a vertical scrolling shooter

The idea was taken from a game I wrote on the Commodore 64 called Outbreak, which was a scrolling breakout game. The scrolling added an inherent time constraint to the breakout genre. You have to break the bricks quickly or you'll get squashed when they reach the bottom of the screen. I wanted to have another go at doing something with the idea.
Arklight takes this principle a step further by making breakout's balls your ship's bullets. This means you control how many balls/bullets are on screen, but more bullets means you're using more energy, there has to be a trade off

The ship in Arklight is round by design. This helps control how the balls deflect more accurately. After all, who in their right mind would make a space ship out of a bat?
One last design element is the ship's ability to reabsorb its bullets. This was necessary as enemy ships and turrets need to be shot multiple times. During development this tended to create more bullets/balls that the player could keep in play, so reabsorbing them made sense.

While absorbing, bullets head towards your ship creating a new way to alter the bullet's trajectory. With a little practice it becomes an important part of the game.
Commodore 64

Commodore 64

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Download Outbreak

Arklight Released

I've just uploaded the fourth Clockwork Pixels game. Arklight has taken a while to finish, but I think all the hard work has been worth it. Please try out the free demo and let me know what you think

Launch Diary

5th September 2004...
Well, it's been a year of very hard work but it's been worth it. The site and two games are at alpha stage, I'm finally on-line and getting ready for the beta testing.
29th September 2004...
I've just finalised the website text for the beta release. A full public beta test will begin next week for the launch title, Cubology. I'm looking forward to it.
5th October 2004...
Well, today's the day. The Cubology demo is now downloadable for all to try. Still some work to do on the site before the weekend, making it compatible with Firefox and Netscape.
16th October 2004...
Lots of feedback so far. Cubology really has progressed over the last week or two and is hopefully a lot easier to pick up and play. I've added a load of error handling and tracking, which makes it easier to fix bugs if and when they come up.
22th October 2004...
The e-commerce system is now up and running, Cubology is officially available to buy. This is my first time trying to actually sell something directly like this. Will anyone actually buy it?
25th October 2004...
Cubology has it's first listing on the web today, at FileForum. It's all very exciting, and hopefully I'll get enough feedback to get Cubology final. I'm still looking for beta testers if you're interested.
7th November 2004...
Well, the last week has been spent getting the site and Cubology onto several download sites. I've also set up an affiliate system. The latest update also includes an easier way to play your own levels, straight from the front end.
14th November 2004...
A few changes to the site and a new update for Cubology. You can now choose between ten preset backgrounds then tweak them as you like. You still have full control over the backgrounds if you want to create your own from scratch.
21st November 2004...
I've just added three new cube types, 'Teleporters', 'Absorbers' and 'Crumblers'. I'm also designing some extra levels which will be available by the end of the week. My second game Circulate is also coming along nicely, expect to see a demo within a couple of weeks.
27th November 2004...
Version 1.0 of Circulate is now available for download and I have just launched the site's first special offer. This offer is also valid for everyone who has already purchased Cubology.
8th December 2004...
I've spent the last week submitting Cubology and Circulate to the download sites. I've also updated the website, adding some pages, reducing unnecessary text, and I've started work on the next game.

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