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Mr Bingo Reports

Here at Clockwork Pixels we just love Marketing Focus Group Meetings, where we learn such things as:
  • How many words our instructions should contain.
  • Which shade of blue the background in level 56 should be.
  • How long the average player can play our games before sneezing.
In our latest Marketing Focus Group Meeting, we have been comparing our games with those of the competition. Here's what our Lead Quality Assurance Manager, Mr Bingo, had to say.

1) 'Super Banjo Jango' by Blue Cheese Games

Mr Bingo really couldn't work this game out, spending the first 10 minutes looking in the wrong direction and the next 20 minutes with the mouse on his head. Eventually he did show some interest, but was unable to grasp the concept of the 'PLAY GAME' button and eventually gave up.

Mr Bingo's Rating

2 Bananas

2) 'Bubble Drops' by Happy Productions

We enjoyed this game, but Mr Bingo took a clear dislike to 'Bubble Drops' right from the outset. Every time a bubble actually dropped, off he went gibbering and ranting down the hallway. At one point we had to hit the emergency stop button for fear he'd start to cry.

Curious about his over reaction, we tried again with the sound switched off and he liked it just fine. Apparently the sound of the dropping bubbles was set at slightly the wrong pitch. You won't find this sort of thing in a Clockwork Pixels game.
Mr Bingo's Rating

3 Bananas

3) 'Circulate' by Clockwork Pixels

Well, we were quite flattered by Mr Bingo's reaction to this Clockwork Pixels game. Here's what he had to say in his own words:

"I found Circulate to be a quite extraordinary game. The unique blend of puzzle and action elements had me on the edge of my seat throughout and I found the sound and visual effects a delightful treat for my somewhat demented senses."
Mr Bingo's Rating

5 Bananas

New Builds of All Games

I've just finished a large update to my engine and all the games

Each game has had it's UI updated to the current standards and I've increased the resolution of several in-game elements, especially on the first few games produced by Clockwork Pixels.

All full screen images are now crisper and I've made several engine modifications to increase the games compatibility with older graphics cards. If you've purchased any of the games in the past please download the latest versions from your account page and let me know what you think.

System Mania Update

System Mania
A major update of System Mania is now available

The latest build now includes a shop where you can spend your hard earned cash on various upgrades to help you out in the game. Upgrades include 'UV Filter', 'Clear', 'Refill' and 'Eeek!'. There are twelve in all to try out.

There's a new Trophy screen which sets various bonus challenges and from level five onwards and the game now introduces random events to provide additional challenges.

There are 'Panic Attacks', 'Lights Out' and 'Steamed Up' events to contend with, each of which puts a different spin on the gameplay.

System Mania Released

System Mania
I've just uploaded my new game, System Mania

I think this is one of my best games, with a far lighter graphical style. The controls are nice and easy to master, although like all Clockwork Pixels games, it'll keep you challenged for some time.

There will probably be a major update soon based on your feedback but as always all updates are completely free of charge.

Please let me know what you think

More Fun Than Cats

Fed up with your cat? Looking for something different, a little more fun?

Look no further than Clockwork Pixels range of exciting and thought provoking games. Every title have been clinically proven to be more fun than cats. Our extensive tests have revealed the following interesting facts...
  • Unlike cats our games will always enjoy your company. They thrive on human companionship.
  • After some experimentation we no longer supply our games with claws. No more shredded sofas.
  • Our games do not require feeding, in fact doing so will invalidate the money-back guarantee.

  • Our games will not wake you up at 5 in the morning, biting your feet. Or at least not as often.
  • There are no vet bills with our games and if any of our games get sick, just visit our support pages.
  • Our games will not steal your place on the sofa when you get up to make some tea.

  • You don't have to spend hours naming our games, they come complete with names.
  • Our games will never bring mice and birds into your home, that's guaranteed!
  • When you go on holiday, you don't need to get the neighbours to look after our games.
  • Our games don't get into fights with other games, not even our competitors' games.

Website and Logo Update

I've just finished a major update to the site and even have a shiny new logo, which meant updating it in all the games and movies, that took some time

Hope you like the new look, I think it looks crisper than before with more focus on content and the site should be even easier to navigate. Let me know what you think, or if you spot anything broken.

Have Fun, Feel Younger

Here at Clockwork Pixels, we not only care about bringing you great new games, we also care about your appearance.

Through years of research, we have perfected a revolutionary age-defying process, which we now proudly feature in all our games, free of charge.
By setting an 'IRQ 15' timer to flip/flop the main sync-crystal in your PC's central CPU, we can generate a Mega-Maxminimal-Duplex wave™ which, when combined with the vibration from your PC's cooling fan, creates a Sub-Membrionic™ pulse wave every 5 milliseconds.

These pulses have been carefully designed to interact with your body's own tectonic structure in a good way. Follow our recommended procedures and let our wave technology gradually reduce the everyday signs of ageing.
Recommended daily dosage : 5 hours
Recommended distance from PC : 2cm (0.8")
Our Sub-Membrionic™ pulses will replenish your skin, revitalise your hair and help reduce the appearance of fine lines. Don't delay, download our demos today.

Darkside Released

The release build of Darkside has just been uploaded.

Darkside has been in production for nearly two years now and has been featured in the newsletter twice as 'nearly finished' ... but finally ... it's done

Darkside now features two new mission objectives and an extra alien which uses smart bombs against you. Please try out the free demo and I hope you enjoy it.

Darkside Beta

A beta build of my latest game Darkside is now available to try out. It's an out-and-out shooter featuring some intense blasting action, all wrapped round lots of giant 3d asteroids.
The game's around 90% compete, I'll be looking to polish up the textures and there are some sound effects currently missing. Any suggestions and feedback are most welcome, I hope you like it

Pyracubes Released

This year has been going quickly, but the tenth Clockwork Pixels game is finished at last. Pyracubes is a tricky block-shifting puzzle game with 160 levels to keep your brain busy. Please read all about it on the main Pyracubes page.

Hopefully it won't be much longer before the next game is complete, a follow up to Arklight which I've been developing on and off for over a year now

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