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How To Play Memorabilia

Each customer has a forgotten memory which has been split into several fragments.
Locate and combine these fragments to help the customer remember and complete the level!
Item List

Listed Items

Find the items listed on the printer. Click on an item's hint button to see a picture of it.

Puzzle Piece Find items with this icon to uncover memory fragments.

Piece Count

Memory Fragments

Click this button to see all your collected memory fragments and piece them together.

This display shows the number of memory fragments yet to be found.
Helpers Item Picture

Viewing Listed Items

Press a green '?' button to see a picture of any listed item. Click the picture to hide it again.

Using Hints

The hints meter will recharge during play.

When fully charged it will light up and can be used to reveal a listed item's location.
Zoom Control

Zoom Control

Use the plus and minus buttons on the zoom panel to move in and out of the scene.

Move the mouse pointer around to explore the scene, great for finding partially obscured items.

Restoring Memories

Here's what to do with all those memory fragments you've been collecting!
Hold Piece
1: Hold down the mouse button over a memory fragment to move it around.
Match Pieces
2: Place two matching memory fragments next to each other to piece them together.
3: If you are missing pieces, go back to the game to collect more memory fragments.
Match Pieces
4: When all the fragments have been pieced together, click on the grey object to reveal it.
Pieces Count
5: This display in the main game shows how many memory fragments are yet to be found.

Power Ups

Creating Power Ups

Need some help tracking down those missing memories? Help is at hand
1: During play this button will slowly recharge. When lit, press it to play the power up creation subgame.
2: Make matches of 3 or more to collect power up energy.
Filling Up
3: When a power up meter is full a power up of that type is created and will be ready to use in the other game modes.
Time Limit
4: You only have a short amount of time to create as many power ups as possible. When this meter runs out you will be returned to the main game.
5: You can return to the main game at any time by pressing this button.
Power Ups

Using Power Ups

The power ups you create will appear in the main game. Click a power up to activate it.

Some power ups may only appear in specific game modes.


Quickly recharges your hints meter.


Hides unimportant items around your mouse pointer.


Removes several unwanted items.
Hint X3

Hint X3

Links three memory fragments together.
Super Hint

Super Hint

Reveals several wanted items all at once.
Hint X10

Hint X10

Links ten memory fragments together.


The Customer

Remember the customer is always right and it is important to keep them happy!
Star Meter
Your customer's mood is indicated by this star meter.

When your customer's patience runs out they walk off and the level must be replayed.
Randomly clicking items affects the customer's mood as well as mixing up the level.

In relaxed mode this feature is turned off.
Favourite Items

Favourite Objects

Customers have favourite objects which can be viewed on the selection screen.

Finding these objects will help to keep your customers happier for longer.

There may be more than one favourite object present on each level.
Fuse Box

Blown Fuse

This memory machine is quite old and may develop faults from time to time.

To restore power find replacement fuses in the scene which match the color of the broken fuses in the fuse box.


There are many ways to score points. When an item has a yellowcountdown next to it, collect it quickly to score extra bonus points.

Score Bonuses

Try collecting several objects, one after the other to score some great bonuses. Large multiple item bonuses are awarded for collecting more than one item using a single click. See if you can collect three at once!