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Here's the place for Kitten Sanctuary updates, announcements, questions and feedback.
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Kitten Sanctuary iOS Release

Exciting days, Kitten Sanctuary will be released for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch next week, my first mobile game

As an experiment, it'll be released at the lowest possible price of $0.99. There's even a 'lite' edition to try out for free featuring the first sanctuary location and ten kittens.

It is a bit worrying though as there are so many apps released every day, will anyone actually find it?

Kitten Sanctuary for the iPad & iPhone

Kitten Sanctuary
In a two weeks time Kitten Sanctuary will be available to buy on the App Store.

I had fun porting the game over, there's something very satisfying about getting a game written for one machine working on another. I've been really impressed with just how powerful these little devices are.

There's also going to be a 'lite' version which you'll be able to play for free. This version contains the first sanctuary location and ten cute kittens to rescue, but of course I really think you should buy the full version

Well, this will be my first app. I hope someone will find it as there's a crazy amount of apps released on the app store every day.

Mac & iOS Games

Over the last few months I've been busy porting most of the games over to Mac, as well as developing a new PC game

The Mac games are actually a happy side effect of my attempts to get some of the games onto the iPad & iPhone. You can tell which games are available for the Mac by the little OS icons in the summary panels.

Things are going well and Kitten Sanctuary should be available from the App Store soon

Diagonal Swaps

I have to say out of all the match 3 games that I've played, this one is one of my favorites. The fact you can diagonally swap, and even sneak in movements while things are still cascading makes this one of the most customizable match 3's ever.
Thanks Tymon. I've just finished creating the levels for Puppy Sanctuary. They still have the 'empty space moving' thing, and of course the diagonal swaps! There's a bonus round where these game play elements come in particularly handy too

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