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Here's a round up of Darkside's reviews and player feedback.

Touch Arcade : 90%

"The game's visuals are, quite simply, awesome. Each planet is highly detailed and every weapon and explosion is a dazzling treat of lighting and particle effects. I would have unequivocally recommended Darkside if it cost any reasonable amount. However, considering you can download it for free, you have no excuse not to check out this most excellent arcade shooter."

Game Tunnel's Action Game Of The Year

"The gameplay is simply fantastic, offering up fast-paced shooting action that is exciting, rewarding and relentless. The graphics are amazingly good, belying the games 15mb size. The range of enemies and weapons complete the game as a tour de force that was an easy pick as our 2007 Action Game of the Year!"

AppSpy : 80%

"With the use of lighting and particle effects, this is a feast for the eyes. With no barrier to entry, and no in-app purchase design model, it's easy to recommend Darkside to all fans of arcade games and twin-stick shooters."

Big Chip 10 Awards Game Of The North

"This year's Big Chip Game of the North award is the first Big Chip awards to be open to entries from outside the North West region. The winner here (Darkside) was chosen for its playability, slick build and good use of graphics. As a web-based game it loaded quickly, the user interface was intuitive and the game play obvious. Within just a few levels it's easy to see the game's addictiveness, and the simplicity and style with which is has been built. An all-round great game showing you don't need huge teams and budgets to create something stylish and playable."

148 Apps : 90%

"This is a fantastic twin-stick shooter, both in its free and paid versions, and if you have any kind of love for the genre then it cannot be resisted. With 100 missions to play through, and indeed missions which are challenging right from the off, Darkside is absolutely ravenous for attention."

Arcade Life : 95%

"Get the free arcade mode. Play it for a few minutes. Shove your eyes back into your head. Buy the full game."

Pocket Gamer : 80%

"Darkside is a great-looking game, and it's backed up by some pretty entertaining space based violence. The glittering light show of explosions and weapons fire is a sight to behold."

AVault's Top Casual Games Of The Year Winner

"There are three play modes: missions mode, where you battle through 100 levels with varying objectives; arcade mode, where you use your twitch skills to get as far as you can with just three lives; and survival mode, where you get to see how long you can last with just one life against an endless stream of enemies ... It's really fun having to avoid being demolished by both space rocks and aliens."

Modojo : 90%

"Darkside is a wonderfully smooth game, with some breath-taking nebula backdrops and barely a drop in the frame-rate, even when the action is at its most frantic. There's an awful lot to love about Darkside: it looks fantastic and it plays brilliantly."

Slide To Play : 75%

"Darkside is responsive and fluid, even with its high-res graphics and chaos going on at all times. Darkside offers solid graphical appeal as well as a freemium level that feels less obtrusive than most other releases on the market. The touch controls feel great, so aiming with the space on-screen for both sticks never feels like a chore."

Now Gamer

"Imagine Asteroids with a far more nimble ship that can strafe around using lateral thrusters, and you're in the world of Darkside. The game's also played in 3D, although via a top-down view, overlooking a giant asteroid around which you orbit alongside plenty of chunks of space rock and enemy ships that need a good blasting!"

AppGamer : 80%

"Darkside has a lot of content and three game modes that offer several different ways to play. It's great for a quick dose of asteroid blasting and the mission mode provides a good balance to the game which should keep you coming back for more."

Game Tunnel Game Of The Year Awards

"Flying around spherical planets seems to be in style this year. From Mario Galaxy to Super Stardust HD, we've been offered some great planetary romps. Darkside, while a bit different in its approach, is no different in its quality. It's a spectacular game full of those qualities that make gaming great."

App Advice : 100%

"This game is fantastic. I highly recommend it for anyone who likes shoot 'em up games! Download it for free, but I'd bet a dollar that you won't be able to resist paying $0.99 to unlock the full version. It's just that good!"

Darkside Wins A 'Call In Sick' At Game Tunnel

"Darkside is an absolute must-play. The weapons are spectacular, featuring some of the most enjoyable bomb explosions I've launched in a game. The terrain, which spins under your ship as the planet rotates to your every move, provides a perfect location for blasting baddies that gives the game a very fresh feel."

Game Tunnel

"Like any good shooter there are a few boss enemies to deal with. Some take the form of giant spiders crawling over the surface of the asteroid. One particularly impressive level had an unusually small asteroid with not one, but two massive spider bosses crawling over it!"

The Smartphone App Review : 91%

"A brilliant shoot em up that is surprisingly tactical and full of depth."

Moby Games Listing

"Darkside uses the basic gameplay of Asteroids, but gives it a new spin by presenting it in a 3D environment with a space ship orbiting different small planets and a modern graphical style. The game is entirely mouse-controlled. Left is for shooting, right is thrust and the middle mouse button unleashes a smart bomb that affects a wide radius with a large blast!"

Player Feedback

"In the two years I have been reviewing indie games I've reviewed my share of games, but few, if any, could I see myself purchasing. This staunch sim & strategy-game player rarely left his favorites. Then Darkside came along! Darkside is the first arcade-like game I've purchased in over three years due to your fantastic spin on an old classic. You have designed a rare treat in the top-down shooter world ... or is it a top-down wrap-around shooter?"

Player Feedback

"The graphics are beautiful, and the lighting fantastic, on the new iPad this is a gem."

"All in all the game is a little diamond and great eye candy! The unlock price makes this game a steal."

"The gameplay is like things you've played, and yet not really like anything you've played. It's hard to explain, which is frankly a very good thing!"

"The arcade mode is one of the nicest shoot 'em up style games I've played in a while."

"Outstanding game. Beautiful graphics! I gladly paid the IAP to unlock the full game."

"This game offers a true and very enjoyable arcade experience with drop dead eye popping graphics that you'll drool over. Awesome fun!"

"The ship, the landscapes and the enemies have a lot of detail and are very well designed!"

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