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How To Play Cubology

Cubology is played by moving cubes around the level arena.
Move cubes around by dragging them in the required direction.
Click & hold the mouse button when the pointer is over a cube.
If you click and hold on a cube without dragging the mouse, a helper cursor will appear indicating in which directions the cube may be dragged. You don't have to wait for this cursor to appear before dragging the cube. The lit arrows indicate valid directions.
Camera Icon
If you click and hold the mouse button while the pointer is not over a cube, you will directly control the camera. The camera may also be adjusted using the cursor keys. Moving the camera around is necessary on later levels.
Not all cubes can be moved though. If a cube can be moved, it will highlight when the mouse pointer is placed over it. How a cube can be moved will depend on what is around it.

Moving Cubes
You can drag a cube in any direction except when the cube is at the
edge of the board, or is stopped by a stack of two or more cubes.

Climbing Cubes
Cubes can climb on to other cubes.

Stacking Cubes
You can move stacks of cubes by dragging the base cube.
Stacks can also climb up onto other cubes:

Removing Cubes

Removing Cubes

The main level objective in Cubology is to teleport out all color, gem and crystal cubes.
Please see the Cubes Page for details on how each type of cube moves and interacts.
Color Cubes
Color Cubes teleport out when cubes of the same
color are gathered in groups of three or more.

Gem Cubes
Gem Cubes teleport out when they are brought together to occupy
all the available space on the same layer (height) of the arena.

Crystal Cubes
Crystal Cubes will teleport out when all the
crystals in the level are brought together.

Cubology's Game Modes

Arcade Mode

Sort the colored mineral cubes into groups of three or more, teleporting them back to Earth.
Bonuses will be given for larger groupings to encourage economic use of the transport system. Gem cubes must be grouped together to form complete layers before they can be teleported out. As gems are very valuable, generous bonuses are awarded for the swift processing of these cubes.

Be careful not to allow too many cubes to stack up, or the sorting arena will become unstable. When this occurs you will have just seconds to relieve the strain on the platform's four engines before it gives way completely. Your objective in an arcade level is to last as long as possible, while scoring as many points as you can.

Arcade Mode
New mineral cubes will be continually shipped in by crane. As time goes on your difficulty level will increase. The greater the difficulty level, the faster new cubes are shipped in. Watch out for the 'Incoming Cubes Alert' : you are about to receive a large shipment of cubes.

Some arcade boards are split into two or more smaller boards which can be played independently of each other. When a stack of cubes reaches a certain height limit, the arena will begin to lose control. If you fail to reduce the stack's height within a few seconds, it's game over.

Puzzle Mode

Complete all the levels within the game and achieve the highest overall ranking (5 stars).
A star ranking is awarded for each level, based on the amount of time remaining when the level is completed. The overall ranking for a completed game is the average of these level rankings.

Each puzzle level is completed by teleporting all the color, gem and crystal cubes out of the arena. See the Cubes section for a list of all the cube types which make up puzzle levels and how they can help or hinder your progress.

Puzzle Mode
If you get into a situation from which the level is impossible to complete, select the 'Restart Level' option from the Pause Menu. Some levels have a limit on the moves you can make. When a move limit is in place you'll see an additional monitor appear on the top right hand corner of the screen. This monitor indicates how many moves you have made from the number available. A level will be restarted under the following circumstances:

  • You build a stack of cubes high enough to unbalance the arena.
  • You select the 'Restart Level' option from the pause menu.
  • You run out of moves (on a move limited level).
  • You run out of time.