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Take control of the X52-Arklight, a powerful spaceship and your homeworld's last chance of freedom. Battle through 50 cities, blasting a path through the Krainian empire's blockades, tanks, turrets and attack craft.

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Power up energy spheres to blast blockades and the enemy targets. Learn to control each sphere's direction for greater accuracy and absorb them to conserve your ship's energy. Use your ship to deflect your energy spheres to keep them in play. It's good to conserve energy, as when you're out, your ship will explode!

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  • Liberate fifty cities while blowing stuff up.
  • Power up shots to take out alien blockades.
  • Absorb power spheres to conserve your energy.
  • Free your homeworld from the Krainian Empire.

The Outbreak of Arklight

Arklight is at its heart a breakout game. It just happens that it's also a vertical scrolling shooter

The idea was taken from a game I wrote on the Commodore 64 called Outbreak, which was a scrolling breakout game. The scrolling added an inherent time constraint to the breakout genre. You have to break the bricks quickly or you'll get squashed when they reach the bottom of the screen. I wanted to have another go at doing something with the idea.
Arklight takes this principle a step further by making breakout's balls your ship's bullets. This means you control how many balls/bullets are on screen, but more bullets means you're using more energy, there has to be a trade off

The ship in Arklight is round by design. This helps control how the balls deflect more accurately. After all, who in their right mind would make a space ship out of a bat?
One last design element is the ship's ability to reabsorb its bullets. This was necessary as enemy ships and turrets need to be shot multiple times. During development this tended to create more bullets/balls that the player could keep in play, so reabsorbing them made sense.

While absorbing, bullets head towards your ship creating a new way to alter the bullet's trajectory. With a little practice it becomes an important part of the game.
Commodore 64

Commodore 64

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Arklight Reviews

What do players and the review sites think about Arklight?

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Game Tunnel

"This game is a definite buy right here. ArkLight is a rare treat that is beyond the simple description of words. Clockwork Pixels have ventured to bring gamers a crossbreed of genres that doesn't skip a beat."

AV Club

"The three difficulty levels nicely match the different playing styles: Casual gamers can crash through on 'Easy', while the harder settings demand more tactical thinking ... A slick indie game that'll appeal to players who can balance their brains with their trigger fingers."

Player Feedback

"Having played the 'sequel' first (DarkSide), ArkLight came to me as a shock! It's almost totally different. I loved the unique mix of a breakout and a shooter. But even while playing totally different, there's some familiar faces around here, like the ship, the smart bombs, the Krainian. Also really good was how you can use the absorb ability to redirect the energy spheres, it was cool to just use it for a second to make all my spheres go in the right direction. As for the rest, great graphics, great music and great gameplay."

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