About Clockwork Pixels

Hi, my name's George, I wrote all the games you'll find on Clockwork Pixels

I started writing games in 1985 on the Commodore 64 while still at school and was lucky enough to have a few published by Commodore Disk User!

At college I spent all my grant money on an Amiga and sent a game off to Gremlin Graphics which went on to become Venus the Flytrap. After this I coded and co-designed Switchblade II and Zool.

As the industry grew I worked on some fun games with some awesome people, but after having two projects canned I decided to head back to those C64/Amiga days, starting Clockwork Pixels in 2004.

Every purchase you make helps me to create new games, thank you, and I'm always happy to receive feedback/questions via the contacts page.

Thanks for looking


Clockwork Pixels Support

Please get in touch via email with any questions or feedback.