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Here's where you'll find the latest iOS games. Please check back for new releases.
Transfer your progress using the iCloud. All games feature Game Center support.
All the iOS Games are universal, so you can play them on all your iOS devices.

Vampire Ventures for iOS

Vampire Ventures
Join Valory as she embarks on her quest to find her kidnapped father. Travel through five vast lands, defeating vampire traps and battling with various foes, including skeleton lords, rotten mummies and slimy blob monsters.

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Vampire Ventures on the App Store

Full Version

App Store
iPad, iPhone & iPod
Vampire Ventures Lite on the App Store

Lite Edition

App Store
iPad, iPhone & iPod

Vampire Ventures for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch

Puppy Sanctuary for iOS

Puppy Sanctuary
Care for your puppies, brush them, play ball with them, watch them play on rocket lifts, skateboards, trampolines and more. You can even grab them and plonk them in the bath to keep them clean.

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Puppy Sanctuary on the App Store

Free Trial

App Store
iPad, iPhone & iPod

Puppy Sanctuary for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch

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Arcade / Shooter

Blast your way around
100's of massive, alien
packed asteroids.


Kitten Sanctuary

Matching / Pet Sim

Rescue fifty cute little
kittens from a group of
suspicious looking aliens.

Kitten Sanctuary

Mirror Mixup

Puzzle / Picture

Prepare yourself for one of
the most challenging picture
puzzle games ever devised.

Mirror Mixup


Puzzle / Matching

Deep within the pyramid,
hundreds of ancient cubes
glow with malevolent energy.


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