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Vampire Ventures Reviews & Feedback

Here's a round up of Vampire Ventures's reviews and player feedback.

Touch My Apps : 'Grab It'

"One of the best match 3 games to hit the virtual iOS shelves in quite some time, if not ever. Multiple play styles, useful power ups and a story to tie everything together all help this game stand out from the crowd."

Player Feedback

"Amusing story line, good graphics, fast gameplay, challenging enough to keep me interested. I played the first hour then immediately bought it."

App Gemeinde : 90%

"Clockwork Pixels continue their series of high quality Match 3 games. They've mixed in many great game ideas and the fights are especially motivating! Vampire Ventures is one of the best representatives of the genre in 2013 and I can highly recommend it."

Player Feedback

"The story line was a bit different than most, better developed. The mix of match three, challenge matches, drop the object and get the key into the right spot kept it fun."

Cakeless Roses : 80%

"The production values are high, with a dark, gritty color palette that really matches the game's atmosphere. Val herself is especially well drawn with a feel of an 80's cartoon. The music matches the tone well with an eerie soundtrack that's sure to make your heart melt. This is a fun match 3 game that's sure to have match 3 veterans ogling in affection."

"With this new production, Clockwork Pixels restores some humanity to vampires. Gameplay is very accessible, being modelled on the classic rules of match-3 with some differences, including vampires traps, locks and fighting with diverse and varied enemies!"

Player Feedback

"Great start to keep the Halloween mood. Good game just to chill and relax after a hectic day! Play it through the demo and you will not be disappointed!"

Player Feedback

"The tiles are colorful and the levels quickly progress to keep your interest. There are battles fought with ghosts and slimy creatures. This is a really entertaining match 3 game so enjoy!"

Player Feedback

"Bought, love it, lots of variety, totally worth the money, oh yeah, exceptionally high production value."

"I love match 3 games. I checked out the lite version then bought it. It has a quirky story and high quality graphics."

"This is one of my favourite Match 3 Games in the App Store and I've played just about all of them!"

"This is a great match-3 game. Lots of content, high production value and addicting gameplay. Finally, a new fix for my match-3 addiction!"

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