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Yay, DRM free! ... What's that then?

DRM stands for Digital Rights Managment and is usually a small bit of software designed to combat piracy. The games downloaded directly from Clockwork Pixels are DRM free (PC, Mac & Android), providing a trouble free experience when playing your purchased games

Downloading Android APK files from your Account Page.

Direct purchases from Clockwork Pixels include the Android version when available. Log in to the Account Page, tap 'My Games' and use the Android links to download your games.

You will need to allow your Android device to download and install apps from 'Unknown Sources'. Open up 'Settings', scroll down and tap 'Security'. Scroll down again and tap the 'Unknown Sources' checkbox. Tap 'OK' to install apps directly from Clockwork Pixels.

I recommend you uncheck 'Unknown Sources' when you've finished. Use this option only with indie developers that you trust, hopefully I'm one of them

I've lost the full version of my game.

Please use your device's app store to download the latest version of the game. If the game was unlocked using an IAP please use the 'Restore Purchases' button to restore the full version.

If you're playing on an Android device and have purchased the game directly from Clockwork Pixels, log in to the Account Page and use the 'My Games' option to grab the latest version.

The games don't work on my device : (

Shutting down unused apps may help as this tends to free up additional memory. Also, restarting your device can solve a number of issues, the procedure will vary from device to device:

1) Hold down the power button for a few seconds.
2) Use the 'Power Off' slider or button to switch off your device.
3) Hold down the power button again until the OS logo appears.
4) After a few seconds your device will restart as normal.

More Games

Play more games developed here at Clockwork Pixels

Check out the full list. All the games have free trial versions

Puppy Sanctuary

Matching / Pet Sim

Rescue puppies, decorate their
surroundings and play with
them to keep them happy.

Puppy Sanctuary

Kitten Sanctuary

Matching / Pet Sim

Rescue fifty cute little
kittens from a group of
suspicious looking aliens.

Kitten Sanctuary

System Mania

Time Management

Quickly fix these madcap
machines or the whole thing
will go up in smoke!

System Mania


Arcade / Shooter

Test your piloting skills as
you overcome the Icarus's
decaying gravity fields.


Mirror Mixup

Puzzle / Picture

Prepare yourself for one of
the most challenging picture
puzzle games ever devised.

Mirror Mixup


Puzzle / Matching

A fun twist on puzzle games.
Spin entire levels around,
circulate the spheres.






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