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Pyracubes for iOS


Play Pyracubes on your iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch

Features Game Center support and you can transfer your progress using iCloud.
Pyracubes is universal so you can play it on your iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch.
Pyracubes on the App Store

Full Version

App Store
iPad, iPhone & iPod
Pyracubes Lite on the App Store

Lite Edition

App Store
iPad, iPhone & iPod
Pyracubes for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch

Deep within Mobib's pyramid, hundreds of ancient Pyracubes spark with malevolent energy. Mobib has harnessed this energy to turn our beloved leader King Theban into a lowly beetle. Help Theban in his quest through 160 catacombs. Group the Pyracubes together and use their energy against them.

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Slide Pyracubes around the catacombs forming groups of the same type. Be careful though, as soon as two similar Pyracubes touch they lock together forming larger shapes, making them more awkward to move around. Luckily there's an unlimited undo, so you can try out different techniques and strategies.

Pyracubes Trailer
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  • 160 puzzle levels set across four difficulty modes.
  • Every level has a challenging expert goal to achieve.
  • Control the Pyracubes using a variety of Talismans.
  • A full set of tutorial levels to help get you started.

Pyracubes for PC & Mac

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You can also check out the trial version of Pyracubes for free.
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PC & Mac : $6.99

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Size : 16.8MB

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Size : 18.3MB

Pyracubes for Android

Play Pyracubes on your Android devices

Pyracubes is compatible with Android devices running Gingerbread 2.3 and above.
Pyracubes for Android
Pyracubes on Google Play

Full Version

Google Play
Android 2.3 & Above
Pyracubes Lite on Google Play

Lite Version

Google Play
Android 2.3 & Above

Pyracubes Reviews

What do players and the review sites think about Pyracubes?

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"A challenge for the little gray cells. Pyracubes comes with 50 free levels. A very nice feature allows you to add up to three player profiles and you can also transfer your progress by iCloud to other devices. Additional level packs containing 50 or 60 levels are available at a fair price."

Player Feedback

"Pyracubes looks amazing, plays great and can be as hard as anything! And being hard is a good thing in puzzle games, it increases the length and the replay value of the game. The graphics are impressive, and the lighting on some levels blew me away. As the other games you made, it ran butter smooth!"

"PyraCubes is a good sliding puzzle game and fans of the genre will surely have their fun with the title. The free download includes ten tutorial and 40 simple levels and the In-App Purchases are very fair for 50 additional classic and 60 tricky levels. We liked that the levels don't need to be played consecutively, but can be selected freely from the map screen. Push on over to the App Store and try it for yourself!"

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