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Puppy Sanctuary

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Strange alien traps are springing up all over Puppy Island. Rescue trapped puppies before the aliens have a chance to retrieve them. Keep your rescued pups safe, warm and happy in your Puppy Sanctuary. Use collected gems to select toys and decorations for different locations. Search for food and firewood supplies within the ancient island ruins.

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Care for your puppies, brush them, play ball with them, watch them play on rocket lifts, skateboards, trampolines and more. You can even grab them and plonk them in the bath to keep them clean.

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  • Rescue cute puppies, each with its own story.
  • Search for food supplies within the ancient ruins.
  • Play with your rescued pups to keep them happy.
  • Gather gems to select toys and decorations.
  • Relaxed, Timed and Tricky game modes.

Puppy Sanctuary for iOS

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Puppy Sanctuary Reviews

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Gamezebo Review

"OK, I'll admit it. Upon firing up Puppy Sanctuary, I grimaced in anticipation of a game I expected would be shallow, short and unbearably saturated with saccharine cuteness. What I didn't see coming was a well-crafted game defined not by schmaltzy sweetness but by a winning combination made up of an entertaining pet sim and challenging match-3 gameplay."

Player Feedback

"I would love this Match 3 game just for the diagonal play alone but also thrown in are the puppies with the interactive puppy toys. I love to watch them pounce on the little running mailman and play with the other toys. Oh, and I'm no child. Hint, if you pick up a puppy they'll kick out a tile for you and then parachute down. Also, there's a stray kitten in one of the sanctuaries. The match 3 gets just hard enough starting at level 21 to keep you on your toes a bit. Very fun game!"

Player Feedback

"Well, I originally tried this one out to see if my niece might like it, but then I got hooked on those absolutely adorable little puppies playing in the sanctuary! The boards change up quite a bit in shape, difficulty, etc... then there are the "presents" levels where you can earn special items for your puppies... and then there's the shop where you can buy decorative items for the sanctuary and toys to entertain your pups - blowing bubbles is very fun!"

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