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Kitten Sanctuary

Kitten Sanctuary Reviews & Feedback

Here's a round up of Kitten Sanctuary's reviews and player feedback.

Indie Game Mag Review

"The graphics and presentation of this game blew me away ... If you've got a little girl somewhere in your household and need a bit of peace and quiet, plonk her in front of this for an hour or two. She'll be able to buy all sorts of silly toys for her rescued kittens and it'll keep her busy for some time ... If you don't own a match-3 and you want one, this is the game you should be buying at any price. There are enough little metagame additions to the core match-3 mechanic to make for a nice, fresh and original game."

Player Feedback

"My four year old grand daughter loves this game! Even though she doesn't know how to match the items to save the kitties, she still loves playing in the sanctuary with them after I save them. This game is really cute and well worth the price!"

Gamezebo Review

"Well, it's not every day you come across a cute little kitten raising game that involves tile matching and alien abductions. That's the premise of Kitten Sanctuary, a quirky match-3 game. Kitten Sanctuary is one of those games that manages to be cute and fluffy, yet has a lot more going on under the surface. While it's very simple to play, there are many ways to make large combos and use your power-ups. This versatility makes it a good family game, especially if you're looking for one to share with your kids or grandkids!"

Player Feedback

"This game, not only being a cuteness overload, is a lot of fun! It's a typical "match 3" game, but not only do you match supplies, you get to take care of 50 kittens, by playing, brushing & buying them items to make them happy! It's a great game for cat lovers & is one of my favorites. I highly recommend this game!"

Daily PC Game Reviews

"Kitten Sanctuary from Clockwork Pixels must be the one of the cutest games I have ever played. It marries a match three game with a unique simulation mode that allows you to care for your virtual furry friends that you rescue from the clutches of rascally aliens flying around in their shiny saucers. And I am not talking about one or two or three kittens only, but up to a total of fifty cute adorable and cuddly little kittens in four separate santuaries are what you will get by the time you reach the last level in this game. And, that would be level 100 - for those who like value for money!"

Player Feedback

"The diagonal tile swap feature took a little while to adjust to, but after half an hour or so we were having a blast! The graphics are nice, the sound is nice, the kittens are a hoot and it is oh-so-playable! We bought this game before the demo time was up and we love it! Plus, you can play with no timer - a wonderful feature!"

Player Feedback

"It looks like a kid's game but don't be fooled. There are some real challenges to beating some of the levels! It's Match 3 but with some twists. I like how you can match on a 45 degree angle. It causes you to think outside the box, and also alows the creators to make some more challenging situations. Adorable kitties jump and play in your sanctuary, each with different looks and personalities. I highly recommend this game!"

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