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Darkside is compatible with Android devices running Gingerbread 2.3 and above.
Darkside for Android
Darkside on Google Play

Full Version

Google Play
Android 2.3 & Above
Darkside Lite on Google Play

Lite Version

Google Play
Android 2.3 & Above

For 200 years we have been mining our solar system's asteroid belt in peace. All that changed the day the Krainian empire invaded our outer territories. Take the controls of the Arklight X-52 and take the fight back to the enemy.

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Darkside is a sci-fi based shoot 'em up in which you pilot your way around 100's of massive asteroids. Fly in and out of their dark sides as you battle a host of alien hostiles. Watch out for orbiting chunks of rock, blast them into oblivion before they destroy the mining colonies.

Darkside Trailer
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  • Blast your way around massive 3D asteroids.
  • 100's of fast paced levels packed with aliens.
  • Three game modes: Arcade, Missions & Survival.
  • Ten awesome power ups including orbital lasers.

Darkside for PC & Mac

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Full Version

PC & Mac : $6.99

Free PC Trial

Size : 18.3MB

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Size : 19.4MB

Darkside for iOS

Play Darkside on your iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch

Features Game Center support and you can transfer your progress using iCloud.
Darkside is universal so you can play it on your iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch.
Darkside on the App Store

Full Version

App Store
iPad, iPhone & iPod
Darkside Lite on the App Store

Lite Edition

App Store
iPad, iPhone & iPod
Darkside for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch

Darkside Reviews

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Touch Arcade : 90%

"The game's visuals are, quite simply, awesome. Each planet is highly detailed and every weapon and explosion is a dazzling treat of lighting and particle effects. I would have unequivocally recommended Darkside if it cost any reasonable amount. However, considering you can download it for free, you have no excuse not to check out this most excellent arcade shooter."

Game Tunnel's Action Game Of The Year

"The gameplay is simply fantastic, offering up fast-paced shooting action that is exciting, rewarding and relentless. The graphics are amazingly good, belying the games 15mb size. The range of enemies and weapons complete the game as a tour de force that was an easy pick as our 2007 Action Game of the Year!"

AppSpy : 80%

"With the use of lighting and particle effects, this is a feast for the eyes. With no barrier to entry, and no in-app purchase design model, it's easy to recommend Darkside to all fans of arcade games and twin-stick shooters."

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