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Here's a round up of Circulate's reviews and player feedback.

Jay Is Games

"Circulate executes everything with a simple sense of ease. Nothing feels too gimmicky, and new gameplay elements are introduced at a good pace and are utilized quite ingeniously. The variety of visual styles is also impressive, and it's fun to scope out the scenery even if you can't complete the stage to save your life. No fluff, just 100 odd levels of spinning, physics, and marble destruction. Quite a simple formula for fun!"

Out Of Eight

"Circulate certainly falls into the old cliché of easy to learn, hard to master. It's always nice to play something different that all those click management and match-3 games that populate the puzzle genre, and the rotational mechanics of Circulate certainly are just that. Circulate breathes some fresh air into a typically bland and repetitive genre."


"This colorful, unique puzzle game offers a number of stimulating brain-twisters. The basic gist of Circulate is this: you must rotate a sphere to rearrange similar-colored balls so they're all in one place. Each time you solve a puzzle, you're awarded a number of points that allow you to skip over easier levels. Every level has a different-themed board with pleasant graphics. Puzzle fans who like variety should certainly take a look at Circulate!"

Player Feedback

"I just wanted to say that Circulate is a great game. I love how it is so different from anything out there. I also really like the variety in the level design. They all feel different!"

Guide 2 Games

"Circulate is addicting, which is a good thing for puzzle games! I find myself going back to the fun puzzles and playing them over and over again until I beat my time record, then I set off to beat that one too. Overall this is a difficult puzzle game that will keep hardcore puzzle players busy for hours!"

Player Feedback

"Circulate is really good game. I enjoyed playing it from the first minute. The graphics and sound quality is excellent. I also loved functionality which is very easy to understand and use. If I could give a rating for this game, I would rate it ten out of ten!"

Gamers World

"The mechanics are very simple to learn but difficult to let go of once you start playing, a great quality for today's causal games. The concept is simple but well executed. There are about 120 levels to keep you absorbed and leaderboards are in place to track the highest scoring players. Circulate is definitely for the casual gamer looking for a change from all the dearth of pick-up-and-play titles out there!"

Player Feedback

"Had played 30 minutes some months back and came back to it now to play the rest of the time limit. Best part of this game for me is that every level IS solvable with a little patience. Similar puzzle-games I have played have eventually got me frustrated."


"What an exciting and fresh approach to game play process - a rotating game field! Just operate with your mouse to turn the whole game to as much as 360 degrees! Watch smooth spheres sliding by rich-formed level surfaces, taste user friendly and realistic game physics, use your imagination at full power while thinking on how to complete current level tasks!"

Player Feedback

"This is a truly enjoyable and innovative twist on your typical puzzle games. This is the second of your games I have tried, but I think this will be the game that I buy. I do like the games you created it seems. Thank you very much."

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