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Circulate Instructions

Your objective is to complete all the levels within the game achieving the highest rankings.
How To Play

How To Play Circulate

A star ranking is awarded for each level, based on the amount of time remaining when the level is completed. The overall ranking for a completed game is the average of these level rankings.

You may continue a game from any level by using the green arrow buttons on the level selection screen. Only levels you have previously completed or reached are available.

Levels are completed by satisfying level objectives. Each level can have one or more objectives. There are two types of objective.

Container Objectives

Container Objectives Containers must be filled with the type and number of spheres described in the container's sign. For example the sign on the right says you need 5 red spheres. The container objectives are described as text in the top-left hand panel during game play. For example:

  • "Place the red spheres in the container."
  • "Place the red and blue spheres in the containers."

Count Objectives

Some levels will require you to have certain amounts of certain types of spheres to complete the level. The most common requirement is to destroy all of a certain type of sphere. Any 'Count' objectives are described as text in the top-left hand panel during game play. For example:

  • "Clear all red spheres."
  • "Clear all fire and ice spheres."
  • "There must be more than 10 metal spheres."
  • "There must be exactly 5 crystal spheres."

Level Objectives

Level Objectives

Each level's objectives are described in the level selection screen along with any available tips. The objectives are also displayed during game play in the top left hand panel, watch out for the scrolling text which will tell you what you need to know.

Each puzzle level has a strict time limit. The remaining time is displayed in the bottom-left hand panel. When the time limit reaches zero, you'll have to start the level again.

A level can also fail when a Pod or Tilt Meter explodes, so be careful not to rotate these levels too far to the left or right.
Mouse Controls

Mouse Controls

To spin the level around, click and hold the mouse button, then drag the mouse around in the directions indicated by the cursor. A circular mouse movement should rotate the level nicely (like drawing circles in Paint).

Some spheres can be activated / deactivated by left-clicking on them. More information on controlling these spheres can be found in the Spheres Page.

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